The function of DEZICOP 3 is to prevent any product mixing at loading of the tank truckas well as at delivery at petrol stations.

DEZICOP 3 is a system for the prevention of product mixing that corresponds to the requirements in Germany and Europe according to DIN EN 14116. 

Further security aspects such as product hose monitoring are added to the crossover prevention system.

In case of a crossover during loading or unloading, all compartments remain closed by a central control unit.


Advantages of DEZICOP 3

  • very cost-effective

  • appropriate for new trucks as well as refittings

  • little weight

  • small dimensions

  • norm compliant (DIN EN 14116)

  • ATEX compliant




     Robust Touch-Display showing all details

  • 6” screen size despite compact design

  • Completely usable via Touchscreen or through 6 hardware buttons

  • High mechanical resistance as it is powder coated in black

  • A minimum size for installation: length x width x height 215x195x50 mm

  • 3-piece-housing simplifies installation





Complete system status at a glance  

  • Printing of the entire system status

  • Displaying warning instructions on the display

  • Noticing remaining quantities in the pipe

  • Identifying and recognizing of product hoses attached to the tank truck





     Logging and communication

  • Recording of results up to 72 hours in currentless state

  • Saving of up to 28,000 events

  • Export of the FTL records of results via GPRS/GSM to an existing fleet management system

  • Detailed records of results are ready for download

  • Log data can be sent to an On-Board-Computer (OBC) via the journal Fuel-Truck-Link (FTL)
    according to EN-15969-1

  • Recording of results even if the GPRS/GSM connection is interrupted

  • Retrofitting in existing DEZIDATA vehicles










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