• In combination with a LTE router from DEZIDATA-TVE, data can be exchanged via GPRS with any internet-FTP-server. All loading processes, unloading processes and „events“ happening during the transport are collected and evaluated centrally on the FTP-server of the hauliers. 

  • The data taken on the tank truck (e. g. start and ending of the refuelling, filling levels, delivery notes) can be transmitted to the central disposition by different interfaces. Conversely, order data of the disposition can also be transmitted to the vehicle truck. DEZIDATA-TVE uses the TDL interface („Truck Data Link“), which has been developed for this purpose, according to DIN Norm 26051. 

  • By cyclic queries or data transmissions, the vehicle state can be traced at any time by evaluating the data collected on the FTP-server. 

  • Communication is done via the journal Fuel-Truck-Link (FTL) or via a GPRS/GSM connection.









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