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We are using links to web sites and offers of third parties. The purpose is to serve the user's interest best. However, DEZIDATA Transport Vehicle Equipment GmbH has no influence on the content and design of those referred web pages.

Therefore, we distance ourselves explicitly from the contents on the web pages (including sub pages) our web site is referring to.

This declaration applies to all current and future links and link collections mentioned/appearing on our web site. The user himself takes full responsibility by following those external links.

On demand we will remove any links to web sites that were published against our wishes or without our knowledge.

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Data Protection Declaration

We are pleased about your interest in our web site The protection of your privacy and your rights while processing and using your data is very important to us. Therefore, we will inform you in detail about what we doand how we implement that protection. By using our web site you accept this declaration.

For understanding the special terms like e.g. "data processing" we herewith relegate to the definitions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Responsible Party, Service Provider Respectively

Responsible party as defined by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) or service provider as defined by the Telemedia Act (TMG) for this web site:

    DEZIDATA Transport Vehicle Equipment GmbH
    Schwarzer Weg 23b
    D-01917 Kamenz

represented by Dr.-Ing. Jan Schleichert.

Acquisition of Your Data, Their Processing and Usage

Data Collected by Using the Web Site

You may visit our web site without entering any personal data. The web server is only collecting data that your internet service provider and your browser is automatically sending as part of the HTTP header. Those are usually

  • the name of your internet service provider,
  • your IP address,
  • the address of the web site, from which you came to this web site,
  • the addresses of all the sub-pages you visited on our web site,
  • date, time and duration of your visit on our web site,
  • downloaded files,
  • information about the download/connection success,
  • the type of your browser including its version as well as
  • the operating system your are using.

All this data will not be connected to any other information that would allow an identification of you. They are only used for

  • improving the web site,
  • making the web site usabel in the first place,
  • providing the contents and
  • possibly allowing a statistical analysis for marketing purposes.

Because of our legitimate interest, we and our server hoster respectively are collecting above mentioned data for each access to the server, where this service resides on (so called server log files).

Note on Using Mobile Devices

We would like to inform you about certain details in case that you visit our web site using a mobile device of a third party:

  • For technical reasons your device may collect precise geographical data about your location that might be processed and forwarded.
  • The terms of use of your telecommunication provider possibly allow acquisition, processing and usage of further data.

We do not have any influence on that.

Getting Into Contact

General Notes on Getting Into Contact

In case you are getting into contact with us (e.g. via email) we will store and use your data only for the mentioned business purpose, for the processing and possibly execution of your request. Your data may be stored e.g. in a customer relationship management system.


Job Applications

For job applications it is required that the candidate sends us his/her applicant data. The mandatory data directly results from the related job description. It usually covers details of the candidate, contact information and documents like a cover letter, CV, references and certificates. A candidate may send even more data voluntarily.

By sending a job application the candidate agrees that his/her data will be processed and used for the purpose of the application procedure according to what is written in this declaration.

If the candidate voluntarily transmits more personal data as defined by art. 9 par. 1 GDPR, their processing follows as specified in art. 9 par. 2 GDPR (e.g. data about physical health or ethnical origin). If the application procedure requires such kind of special data as defined by art. 9 par. 1 GDPR, the data processing will additionally comply with art. 9 par. 2 GDPR (e.g. data about physical health, if it is mandatory for the job in question).


Special Notes on Getting Into Contact via Email

Generally email an always be used for getting into contact with us. In this case please note that emails generally are not encrypted. The sender (e.g. the job applicant) has to arrange for proper encryption himself/herself. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the email transport from the sender to our server.

Alternatively is is always possible to contact us or send job applications, data, information etc. through the post.

Deletion of Your Data / Period of Storage

In case of success the data of job applicants may be further processed by us as it is required for the purpose of the employment relationship. Otherwise the data of the candidate will be deleted. It will also be deleted, if the candidate exercises his/her right to cancel his/her application.

Without prior cancellation or revocation the deletion is carried out after six months so that we are able

  • to answer questions related to the application and
  • to provide evidence as requested by the non-discrimination act.

Invoices about travel expenses will be archived according to tax law.

Generally, we delete requests as soon as they are not required any longer. We check this requirement in intervals of two years, whereas compulsory archiving will not be affected as demanded by law.

Information in log files will be stored for one month at maximum before deletion. This is a safety precaution for solving crimes, abuse or fraud. Data that needs to be stored for evidence purposes will not be deleted until the related case is definitively settled.

Data Processor Contract

If it is necessary to charge a third party with processing of data on basis of a data processor contract, we comply with art. 28 GDPR.

Other than that we neither forward your data, nor we sell it.

Receivers of Data

  • Internal departments and their members
  • Sales and cooperation partners
  • Further bodies that need to be called in for executing the order or to support the customer

Affected Categories of Persons

  • Interested parties
  • Customers
  • Job applicants
  • External service providers including their members
  • Our employees and employees of other companies
  • Cooperation and sales partners, further partners
  • Suppliers
  • Contact persons in above mentioned categories

Rights of Affected Persons

You have the right to demand the following:

  • A confirmation about whether your data is processed.
  • A disclosure of this data.
  • Further related data and information.
  • A copy of that data.
  • Immediate deletion of all data that has any relation to you; alternatively the processing may be restricted.
  • Data related to you should be sent to other responsible parties.

You further have the right

  • to complain at the responsible supervisory authority,
  • to revoke a formerly given consent with effect into the future and
  • to veto against future processing your data related to you (e.g. for the marketing purpose).

Getting Into Contact What Concerns Data Protection

For exercising above mentioned rights or in case of questions or comments related to data protection and GDPR, please address to

    DEZIDATA Transport Vehicle Equipment GmbH
    Schwarzer Weg 23b
    D-01917 Kamenz

or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You then will receive an answer using the same channel of communication.


We may use different types of cookies on pages on our web site. Cookies are small text files that will be stored on your computer. They will not do any harm and do not contain any data related to you.

Those cookies can be session cookies or permanent cookies. Session cookies expire as soon as you are closing your browser. Further cookies may be set (e.g. by plug-ins) depending on how you use our web site. Those cookies are fragments of code, which support extraction of values from the internet address (URL), concatenation of value for passing them on to the service provider or getting notice about form abandonments. Such device related information helps us to analyze the usage of our web site without any referecences to persons and allows us to reidentify your device upon your next visit.

Based on the above mentioned information we are able to improve our web site for you, which e.g. allows to avoid redundant input of data, which increases the user-friendliness. Such collected data will not be put into relation with personal data. Furthermore, it will not be passed on to third parties.

It is possible for you to activate a browser features, which informs you about the cookies to be set. Depending on the situation you may then decide by yourself, whether to accept or decline the cookie. Also it is possible to generally reject all cookies. However, please note that in the latter case you possibly may not use all of the functions and features we provide.

Please find further details about cookies at:

Google Analytics

This web site periodically may use Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter called as "Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies as well (see previous section).

Based on those cookies information will be created about your usage of this web site. Usually this information will be transferred and stored on a server in the USA. If the feature anonymisation of the IP address is activated on this web site, then Google will shorten your IP address before storing it. However, this only happens, if the originating IP address belongs to member states of the European Union or treaty states of the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases the complete IP address will be sent to a server in the USA first before it gets shortened. On our account Google will use this information to analyze and create reports about the usage and activity on our web site and to finally provide further services related to our web site. The IP address, which is collected and transferred to Google in the above mentioned way will not be used by Google to connect it to other data.

As written above it is possible to configure your browser that the cookie for Google Analytics is not stored on your computer; however, please note that in the latter case you possibly may not use all of the functions and features we provide.

By downloading and installing the browser plugin from the following URL you may control, whether Google receives and processes data related to you (including your IP address):

Your may further veto data collection by Google Analytics, if you set the related opt-out-cookie. This completely prevents capturing of your data upon future visits on our web site.

Please note the following URL with more details about how Goolge uses your data, with setup and veto possibilities described in the data protection declaration of Google:

Google is certified under the privacy shield agreement and therefore guarantees to comply with the GDPR. For further details please see:

On our web site we possibly link to web sites of third parties. By following those links we do not have any influence any more on how your is collected, processed and used. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for possible consequences. However, in your interest, we strive for only providing contents where your IP address is only used to deliver that contents to you.


We are using hosting services for being able to provide the following services:

  • infrastructure service,
  • platform service,
  • computing capacity,
  • storage space,
  • database services,
  • security and technical services that we are using for running our web site.

We and our or hosting provider respectively are processing

  • inventory data,
  • contact data,
  • content data,
  • contract data,
  • usage data,
  • communication data of
    • customers,
    • interested parties and
    • visitors on our web site

on basis of our legitimate interest in an efficient and secure way to run our web site. This is covered by an appropriate data processor contract.

Administration, Financial Accounting, Office Management, Management of Contacts

We are processing data in the context of management tasks, office management, financial accounting and for fulfilling our legal obligation like e.g. archiving.

This covers the same data as we have to process for providing our contractual service. The processing basics are stated in art. 6 par. 1 GDPR. The processing affects customers, interested parties, business partners and visitors on this web site.

The purpose and our interest in such a processing lies in the administration, financial accounting, office management, archiving of data. Those are tasks, which are required for keeping up our business activity, for fulfilling our tasks and for providing our services. Deletion of data in context of contractual services and contractual communication corresponds to the information mentioned for those tasks.

In the process we disclose or transmit data to the financial management, consultants like tax consultants or auditors as well as payment service providers.

Furthermore, based on our interest we store data of suppliers, organizers and other business partners. We permanently store this data, because it is business-related in almost all cases.

General Information About Deletion of Data / Period of Storage

The data we process will be deleted or at least limited in processing as suggested in art. 17 and 18 GDPR. If not explicitly stated otherwise in this declaration, we will delete all data as soon as it is not required anymore for the related purpose.

If it is not possible to delete data, because of technical or organisational reasons or because of higher purposes like further processing (e.g. to comply with the statutory storage obligations), we will fulfill the data protection by protecting the data against further processing and usage.

According to legal requirements in Germany storage is required for 6 years according to § 257 par. 1 HGB (trading books, inventory, etc.) or even 10 years according to § 147 par. 1 AO (books, notes, business letters, etc.).


We took a lot of measures to protect your data. In accordance with the law we will not describe them in detail in order to minimize the target for attackers.

However, if you like to contact us via email, please note again that the privacy of your transmitted data is not given unless you use qualified encryption techniques. If you considered sending us confidential data, we highly recommend to keep IT technical facts in mind, when choosing a storage medium and the channel of communication respectively.


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