DEZIDATA Transport Vehicle Equipment GmbH is a medium sized company located in Deggendorf, Germany under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Uwe Schleichert.


For more than 15 years of experience, we have developed electronics and software in the field of measurement technology. We have continuously worked on further components in order to meet the steadily increasing requirements on modern and efficient tank trucks and their handling.


We are specialized in ultrasonic measurement technology for mineral oil logistics. Based on the fully electronic dipstick system DIPCHECK 2®for tank trucks, we offer unique complete solutions with high requirements on metrological and Ex technical conditions. Autonomous, separate systems are combined and form a central system.

The options DIPCHECK, COP, SEAL, TRACK, FLOW and LINK may be individually added to the complete solutions DIPCHECK 2® and DIPCHECK 2 Hybrid.

Further products such as DEZICHEM 2® (MID approved measurement system for AdBlue and other chemical liquids) as well as various software solutions round off our range of products.


In 1999, the fully electronic dipstick system DIPCHECK was already type approved (metrologically approved) for mobile applications by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrological Institute of Germany). In the meantime, various approvals for other countries have been issued.


In June 2013, the company was named to DEZIDATA Transport Vehicle Equipment GmbH and, thus, the shareholder structure was changed.



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